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Yet, I live to say!

To Hell is about melancholic characters in the very threshold of disintegration in times of mental and physical crises; some embrace their own destruction and some others simply skip it. The images made by stories, though sometimes fragmented,reminds the state when you are awakening sweating and horrified  in the middle of a movie showing on TV, which you've forgot to turn off, and finding out that you were dreaming about the same subject but still not sure which one is the movie and which one the dream.The images are twice stronger when complicated human interactions are included.They are cinematic. The details of dialogue-based scenes recall the long shots of a movie with shifting camera from character to another with a full image of their surroundings.
Protagonists, mostly men, mindful of ideas and ideals are suspended between two worlds of action and thought. They are enchanted and at the same time disillusioned by those ideas and ideals. As a result, they end up either in hesitation or in victimization of themselves or others. So are their states toward the women figure, which is reminiscent of archetypal woman by fluctuating between the imagery of great mother and the terrible mother.Yet, what makes the protagonist's dilemma a matter of life and death is his thoughts on figuring ways out primarily, which has indeed brought about the problematic in the first place, and his later reluctance to deal with it. Much like someone keeps repeating these words all through the stories:
-I do not know
Why yet I live to say. "This thing's to do…" [Hamlet, IV, iv]
 Yet, To Hell lives and has things to say.  

Ghazal Kohi